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A picture of Zan Maeder, counsellor and doula based in Adelaide, smiling. Zan is wearing a black jumpsuit and colourful shirt and is sitting on a wooden seat carved from a tree in front of green foliage. There is text on the image stating 'conversations of resistance and dignity'
Conversations of dignity and resistance_edited_edited.png


Red box with dark grey text which reads 'counsellor'. Underneath are two overlapping speech bubbles.
A purple box with yellow text which reads 'Doula'. Underneath is an illustration of adult hands cupping a newborn's feet.
A yellow box with red text which reads 'facilitator'. Underneath is an illustration depicting icons of four people linked together.

Narrative therapy counselling available by phone or video chat.

Face to face or virtual birth, postpartum and conception support.

Virtual or face to face tailored therapeutic or educational workshops delivery.

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